My Story: What I've learned from relationships.

I want to begin my blogging relationship with a short explanation of who I am with-in the mediation community. My experience and my degrees, I have some of both, are details that simply lead to the good stuff! What is that? For me it has become RELATIONSHIPS!! And what I have learned from those who have journeyed down the relationship road with me.


Here's My Story

I began as a daughter, sister, wife and then a mother.

I learned that relationships are fragile and need attention and care.

I launched a career in tree farming and built a business.

I learned that relationships can be maintained through listening and speaking respectfully.

I earned a graduate degree in social work and conflict resolution.

I learned that helping others navigate their relationships is a privilege.

I became a grandmother.

I learned that relationships are giving and fulfilling.


What do you most enjoy about your work, job, or career?Since launching a career in the field of Mediation I realize my love for research, and writing. I often reflect on newly acquired information through the lens of family systems and mindful mediation. This process helps turn the information into best practices for my relationships and yours.

What is family systems? The emotional relationships you are in, Murray Bowen.

Why mindful mediation? Because it is what you are that heals not what you know, Carl Jung.

I enjoy discovering and writing about the newest ideas around relationship conflict. I find that my blogs are most often inspired by curiosity and questions. The curiosity is mine and it is inspired by questions from colleagues, clients, and readers. Here's a question I will talk about in my November blog: "How can I help my children as we go through our divorce?" Write to me with your questions on relationship conflict and help fuel my curiosity.

Thanks, Monette

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