Understanding Mediation: Choosing to mediate can resolve your conflict in a timely, considerate, and cost-saving manner.


Understanding Litigation: Litigation is the process of resolving your issues through the court.


Helping Your Children Through Your Divorce: It is important for kids to be kids even in times of divorce. 

Misconceptions about Divorce Mediation: Have you ever been caught in a finger trap puzzle?


The Beacon Center LLC: Providing direction and hope when facing uncertainty

Offering family mediation and therapeutic family counseling.


A Guide To Divorce Mediation: Gary Friedman, J.D.

How to reach a fair, legal settlement at a fraction of the cost.


The Truth About Children and Divorce: Robert Emery, Ph.D

Dealing with the emotions so you and your children can thrive.


Helping Children Cope with Divorce: Edward Teyber.

What you can do to help your children successfully adjust to divorce.