Divorce/Separation Mediation

Separation /Divorce... Is it important that your wishes, needs, and concerns be considered and respected?  Mediation is a conversation about your concerns. I believe resolving conflict through conversation begins with finding a balance between listening and being heard. As your mediator, I will help you find that balance. 


Do you feel anxious and stress over the thought of divorce? Divorce Mediation is time- saving, money saving and less adversarial than a contested divorce process. Mediation allows for your best future, based on understanding your needs and the needs of your family.



                         Would you like your divorce to be a stepping stone rather than a stumbling                            block to your future? Mediating your divorce is the process of coming together                            now, in order to be your best individual selves going forward. It gives you control                          during a time of great emotion and uncertainty and allows each of you to move                          forward graciously. Mediation provides you with the skills to resolve future                                  family conflicts with one another as family dynamics change.



I offer a comprehensive approach to separation and divorce, helping couples negotiate their various issues of settlement including spousal support, child support, property settlement, child custody, and parenting plans. Mediation is less formal and less costly than litigation.