Understanding Mediation

When conflict comes between parties and they cannot come to an agreement on their own, mediation may be the missing piece. Choosing to mediate can resolve your conflict in a timely, considerate, and cost saving manner.

Control of the decision-making process  

 Great mediation is accomplished through conversation.  I believe resolving conflict through conversation begins with finding a balance between listening and being heard. As your mediator, I will help you find that balance.


Flexibility in making fully informed customized decisions
Mediation supports each party to fully express their understanding of the conflict in the presence of the other. The willingness to openly disagree becomes the starting point for resolution.  This conversation fully informs all parties and creates an atmosphere to openly express one's views. Constructive conversation is client led, with the mediator helping to move each session in the direction needed to reach fully informed customized decisions.


Ability to deal with each other in a manner of personal integrity

 While mediation begins through conflict, it can end with an agreement to disagree and resolution for your best selves going forward. We all want to be heard, and constructive conversation aides in each party's ability to fully listen. Hearing allows for a better understanding of each other's interests in the conflict. Mediation can move you away from opposing positions and towards common interests. A feeling of accomplishment often resides when the process of mediation is utilized.


Choosing the time frame with which to reach decisions

Mediation is a personalized agenda set by the parties involved. The mediator has no preconceived time frame for this

decision making process.


Divorce Mediation

By default, divorce mediation has a quicker time frame than litigation because the parties involved set the number of sessions based on their individual needs and the complexity of the conflict. Often some piece of the conflict will take more time to discuss, while others will be resolved in a much quicker manner.